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Any teenage girl can wrap her lips around a banana or a sausage or any other phallic food item and get a giggling thrill out of her companions. And this is good fun, if somewhat amateurish.

For the Courtesan, my doves, the art must be elevated into a form that is at once tremendously obvious while simultaneously being entirely clandestine. How does one accomplish this, you ask?
It is fairly simple, to begin, enjoy what you are eating. So and get a bit of something to nibble on, it doesn't matter what. But go and get it now. I'll wait.

Got it? Now don't put it in your mouth! No, not yet. I want you to look at this little tidbit. What is the shape, the color, the texture? Did you choose this based on those things? If so, why? If not, why not?

Smell this food. Smell is a very strong link to memory, smell is a very strong link to sensuality, smell unlocks deep, primal things inside of each one of us and it should never be overlooked. To do this would be to your peril. You must always be conscious of scent and how it can add to your life in all ways large and small, especially where it comes to food and sharing it with a partner. Use the scent of your food to entice your partner and your own senses. You'll be surprised how powerful a tool scent can be.

What does it feel like? Hard, soft, crisp, spongy? How does the feel of the food relate to its look? Is this congruent or disharmonious? Feel it in your hands, against your lips. Now close your eyes, and think solely about the sensation of the food. How can you describe it in non-food terms? Velvety, plush, glassy, etc. What does it remind you of as you touch it? What about it is sensual or even erotic?
Now, put it in your mouth.
First, keep your concentration on the texture and feel of the food in your mouth. The temperature.
Really think about the mouthfeel and why you chose this food and why you like it.
Now chew. Chew slowly, though! Again, the texture and consistency should be very important. Crunchy? Soft? Chewy? Brittle? How many times do you need to chew this before you could swallow it?

And finally, taste. What is the taste of this tidbit? Do you feel it matches well with the texture and the scent?
Is it an explosive taste that rushes across your tongue all at once? Or is it a more gentle flavor that accrues as you chew it, filling your mouth over time?

What in this food causes you the greatest pleasure. And don't you dare tell me, "Nothing." Something there must cause you pleasure, must give you a reaction of joy. If you aren't sure, you through those steps again and pay close attention.

These are the rudiments of sensual eating.

But, Fortuna Bella, you haven't said at all how this is seductive!

Oh, but I have! The first step in sensual eating is enjoying yourself. The first step in all acts of the Courtesan is enjoying yourself. You must never forget that!

But with eating, you must first find the pleasure in it: the texture, the flavor, the scent, all of it. As you enjoy it, your partner will enjoy watching you enjoy it and will want to enjoy it as thoroughly as you do.
Eat with gusto and enjoyment, eat playfully, eat charmingly.
The mouth is an immensely sensual object and the food can fill it, interact with it, just like a lover's lips and tongue and...other parts.

The basis of this lesson is to teach you to enjoy eating as fully as one might. Not only does this give great pleasure, but purposeful eating is also better for your health. You should eat slowly, savoring the textures and flavors and the combination of them as you consume the food.
You should always choose your food based on the pleasure of it- to fully experience the tastes and textures a balanced diet is a necessity! But it should all come down to the foods that make you happiest to eat. And try them all! Try fun foods to eat like artichokes that require you to scrape the meat from the bases of each leaf, biting deeply into a glossy apple, sliding an oblong date part your lips and biting down into the sweet, succulent center. The possibilities are endless. And oh so pleasurable!

And I will leave you with a novelty! A video!
This film, Tom Jones (1963) shows an excellent example of sensual eating and the kind of fun that can be had, during and after the meal!
Enjoy, my cocottes! Until next time!

~La Fortuna Bella

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I can smell it on the wind, can't you? The subtle flavor of something green pushing its way out of the bleak, cold, ground. The air has a certain freshness to it this week, even though there is still snow here and there.
Spring is coming! Finally!

And for the courtesan, there is no finer time of year! But before we may blossom like the rose, we must make sure all is prepared. This time of year is perfect for spring cleaning. A clean environment makes for a happier me. Shake off the excess dust and put the heavy coverlet back in the linen closet.  This is also the time of year I rotate out my perfume and cosmetics, putting away heavier winter scents and colors in favor of light, crisp florals. The same goes for my clothing- away go the velvets and brocades, out come the rayons and cottons and silks.

We mustn't forget though that true beauty comes from within. But it may need a little help! As spring approaches, ready your complexion by drinking plenty of water and perhaps some green tea. Hot chocolate and mulled wine is wonderful to keep warm, but it doesn't impart the same fresh, dewy glow to the skin.

A good facial scrub and all-over-body exfoliation is required at this time of year. Winter makes our flesh so dry and piling on heavy creams and lotions to combat it leaves the skin looking lifeless. A brisk scrubbing with a salt or sugar scrub with be much appreciated by every inch of you! And look into lightweight and sheer lotions for the coming season, something that will not go on like frosting on a cake. Save the heavier creams for bedtime, if you still need to heal some rough patches, and scrub up in the morning to rid yourself of any lingering dullness. I enjoy a good exfoliation every other day, or so. Too much scrubbing injures the skin causing it to become red and raw. As the temperature warms and my body adjusts to the new levels of moisture in the air, I will scrub only once or twice a week. Pay special attention to your elbows and knees, and the back of your neck. Our necks get so very little love, especially the back! But where does my lover nibble and linger? Why, my neck! So do not forget this all-important area! Remember to moisturize down the neck and throat daily.

Facial masks for freshening the skin can be easily made at home with a mash of banana and honey. The potassium in the banana does wonders for dull spots and honey not only is a natural moisture-drawing agent, but an antibacterial one as well. Even those with oily skin can benefit from this. Remember, many times oily skin is a response to the skin being too dry. It may sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes a moisturizing treatment can bring better balance to oily skin than an astringent one. Try the banana mask, I think you will be pleased with the results!
An excellent and gentle facial exfoliator can be made with ground almonds in honey as well. Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, something that will make both your skin and your hair glow. They should be eaten, along with bananas, as well as used as a beauty treatment. Nourish yourself, my doves!

Fresh fruits are coming into season, strawberries and blueberries especially. These are some of the most wonderful things for a woman to eat! Dark fruits are just full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Savor them, lavished in honey or floating atop a dollop of cream. I love to cut my strawberries in half lengthwise and marvel at the naughty shapes it makes. Also quite intoxicating as a visual element when serving that special someone, don't you think? All you need do is mention that the inside of a strawberry looks a bit like a woman's lady flower.  If your companion has never thought so before, this will be a new and interesting idea. Be certain to drizzle a bit of glistening honey across the sliced berries are your beloved gazes at them in contemplation. I think you will like the result.  It will certainly taste delicious!

I think I might have to devote an entire entry to sensual eating. I shall put that on the list at once! It is great fun for all parties involved.

Now, my courtesans, go forth and prepare yourselves for spring! It is a time when thoughts turn to love and warmth and I would hate for you to be left out in the cold!

In beauty, yours,
La Fortuna Bella

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It has come to my attention,my dear little doves, that the work-a-day world is lacking in beauty, refinement, and a voice in the flickering candlelight to guide young ladies through the twists and turns of love.

I received today a note, brief and polite and begging the question- where can I find you now?
Oh my little doves, I am still here, in the warm shadows, just behind the curtain.  That thing called life, so brutal and cold, all hard edges and point bits that scratch and prod and keep us from comfortably setting down had stepped in and this little haven of refinement was cruelly forgotten.
But like a spurned lover that still yearns for his beloved, it never really let me go.
I have thought of you often, my cocottes and wondered how you have been faring. I do not presume to think that without my little essays that you found yourselves adrift in a sea of loss, but I'd like to think that you missed me, maybe a little.
I missed you as well, I must confess.

I shall make no promises, but I shall try to the very best of my abilities, to continue these little lessons and claim a small corner of this ethereal internet to put beauty first.
Shall you welcome me back?

With love and apologies,
La Fortuna Bella
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The corset.
Oh, my doves, I see that you flurry at the very mention of the word.

Corsetry has not been the mode of fashion in one hundred years, yet as many are produced in today's modern world as there were back when Queen Victoria was still keeping her Secret.
While dallying on Ebay recently, I have found that there is a rather large market for the erotic corset. Now, ma cocottes, do not think this was particuarly surprising to me.
What was surprising was the sheer variety of corsets available and the raging popularity of them.
Coming into the twenty-first century it is obvious that corsets are not just for reinactors anymore!

But, Fortuna Bella, what does that mean for me?
I am ever so glad that you are pondering the same thing that I am!

Once upon a time, corsety was more than just the instrument of fashion used to shape the feminine body into desirable forms. No, the corset was directly connected to the very essence of femininity, sensuality, sexuality, and virtue. In art or literature, if a woman was depicted with her corset loosened, or heaven forfend!, removed, it was like a wink to the viewer, an easily recognizable sign of this lady's lack of modesty. And by lack of modesty, we are meant to read, lack of virtue. And by lack of virtue, it was often assumed, lack of worth. (I shall not digress into a lack of virginity leading to poor moral fiber or a sublimated standing in society...that is a topic for another day!)
Corsets, throughout their history, have been tied to the very nature of womanhood, itself. By their purpose of "holding in" the female shape, they have also been leant some sort of authority over a woman's soul as well as the body.
But, whereas in the past, a corseted woman was seen as modest, virtuous, and a pillar of society, the modern corseted woman is a deviant, a seductress, a dominatrix, perhaps.

So, where does that leave the Modern Courtesan?
As in previous discussions on the power of clothing itself, the corset is presented as a very compelling tool in the arsenal of seduction. And as with an item of such profound influence, it must be weilded wisely.
Body type must be a factor in the selection of the corset. There are just about as many types of corsets that will suit as there are bodies to wear them. Be sure that you have a good fit and you are not going to cause yourself injury. Horrid tales of broken ribs are by and large exaggerations (although with several notable expections, of course). But sore, bruised ribs, pinched, chafed, and raw skin are all very common realities.
Second, mood must be established with the corset. Leather says something different than vinyl and both say something entirely unlike silk which also has its permutations of damask, brocade, satin, shantung, etc. And even within those subsets, there are more variances...Chinese of European brocade? ...brial satin or antique satin? And let us not forget color.
All of these will depend on whether or not a corset is meant as a showpiece or a foundation garment. In modern seduction, there are very few stricly "foundation" garmets that have no erotic elements. It is all a manner of taste. For both the wearer and the viewer. But in the end, no matter what your intended enjoys, it must suit you, kittens, or you'll never pull it off.
Corsetry might just be that little extra something that puts you over the top, makes you feel more powerful, womanly, sexy, desirable. Perhaps the costume aspect of it can help you set aside any lingering self-doubt or depreciation.
Be prepared, my doves, to put forth an impressive amount of time, energy, and money for a good corset. If you are serious about adding one of good workmanship to your wardrobe, look to spend in the neighborhood of $300. Prices and quality will vary. And unless you are very thin or only intend your corset to be for very occasional use...don't you dare spend a mountain of money and end up with plastic bones in the channels! Opt for actual, high caliber spring-steel, and/or quality metal spiral boning.

In another installment in the near future, we shall talk about more...familiar underpinnings.
I am shocked to finbd that most women in the U.S. and even in Europe do not wear the correect size in bra or underpants!
Ladies, we need to bring your knickers up to snuff and raise high your pillowy mounds of womanhood!
For the female form to be properly admired, it must be properly supported. Not just for the sake of your lover or even your self-esteem, but for the health and well-being of your back, neck, feet, hips, ankles, legs, shoulders, and ability to get a good night's sleep!

Until next time, my charming tarts!

~La Fortuna Bella
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I have returned, ma belle cocottes.
Excuses will not do, so I shall not make them. Only offer my sincere apologies that I made a promise to you in some way that I would be here with kind words and sweet advice and off I have romped into the shadows leaving you all to yourselves.
But it seems you have done well enough alone. Except for one small thing.

I received an email this evening from saraphina_marie asking advice on behalf of the wonderful staff of saloncon. If you are unaware, the Salon Convention is an event of learning and culture, so much like the Salons of days gone by full of good tea and good conversation....
It would seem that someone who has, as of late, remained nameless has taken it upon his or herself to repost some pictures from the convention's website and proceeded to make sport of it in a most ungentle manner.

What should be done about this? As difficult as it may seem, truly, nothing. Well, nothing but forge on with the convention and make it the social event of the Season! Because it is said that "Living well is the best revenge!"
I have peeked upon the comments there on saloncon and I can see that smallraven has her support team in full force.

It is a tough row to hoe when one is at the receiving end of such abuse. But remember, it is not the opinions of those on the outside that makes you beautiful, my doves. But it can be those opinions that crush your spirit and make you believe you are ugly. From what I have read, Ms. Lilith Maeve has a lovely and resilient soul, but is far more crushed by her hard work and dedication falling into the unthinking and narrow minds of those who would ridicule it. Madame Maeve, the convention is your pride and joy, your baby, and I respect you for working so hard to bring the Beau Monde into the banal work-a-day world. Regardless of the hateful and harsh opinions of the ungrateful and obviously unwashed masses, yours will be a wonderful convention.
And should you need any pithy, well-chosen words aimed at those who are so indecent and immature as to even be allowed to have a LiveJournal to begin with, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

And I know, all too well, that I cannot remove such idiocy from the world, but my cortigianas I can try and make it so you can shrug off the strings of their infantile volleys.

smallraven, ma chere, let them be and focus your energy upon your endeavor. Lay out your corsets and your dancing shoes. Yours will be a Salon to remember for years to come!

~La Fortuna Bella
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Good morning, my darlings!
Your Fortuna Bella has once more shaken off the ravening claws of the work-a-day world to come to you with more womanly wisdom!
Today's topic, DRESS and the MODERN COURTESAN. This topic will be expansive, but I shan't be putting any limits on it! We shall see what there is to be said on this subject.
Dress, has always been important. More than just a covering for our delicate human bodies against the elements, clothing became a barrier for our delicate human modesty against prying eyes! But like everything put into our hands, we humans have turned clothing into a complex system of symbols and codes. This is especially true for us women. Not only do we communicate with the world at large by means of our clothing, but also the very same garment can speak volumes to each other and to men...and it can simultaneously speak different things!
For example, a low-cut blouse will most likely signal to a man your willingness to be gazed upon, he might even read into it an invitiation of some kind. To a woman, it might be a display of prowess, or an attempt to inspire jealousy, or even a claim to a certain territory or group. While I do not think you should dress to please others, you should think carefully about what your clothing is saying about you!

In this first installment, I shall only introduce you to these concepts. If you have any questions, or wish to know something particular, then by all means leave a comment, or send me an electronic missive to lafortunabella at gmail dot com!

The very idea that your clothing speaks for you is at first very difficult to grasp, but I assure you, mon petits choux, that it does. It speaks volumes and loudly, too! Think of all the times you have passed another person on the street and been aghast at a graphic on a t-shirt, or the way the underwear shows through too-tight pants. A woman walks into a bar in a terribly short skirt and miniscule top. All the men stop and stare. Their thoughts are written as plainly across their faces as the bulging becomes apparant in their trousers. She looks like an easy mark. (with a good deal of emphasis on the EASY!)
Now, imagine a woman coming into the place in a long skirt that covers her entirely, yet clings a bit to her voluptuous thighs giving a soft outline of what lies beneath. Her top, something elegant but comfotable, perhaps a silk blouse with a deep cowl collar and drapes across her collarbones and shows the tops of her round, ample breasts. The men don't turn and gawk. But the conversation grows quiet and a stillness settles on the bar. She has captured them. Out of the corner of their eyes they sneak glances. Beneath their zippers, their bodies tingle and ache, but not quite at full erect attention as this woman deserves more than simple lust. But the hunger is there, waiting to be satiated.

Yes, my doves, you want to be desired, you want to be sensual and sexual when the time is right. But you do not want to be an object of desire. You do not want to appear like the two-dimensional pictures in a magazine or calendar, because if you do, then two-dimensional is all you will ever be.
To truly seduce, you must be a fully realized woman. We have touched on the inner workings of this, and no, we have not left that off. But I must give you some guidance to your outward appearance as well. A rose is beautiful from roots to flower, but most people only notice the petals. We have begun to nourish your roots and grow you a strong stem, and now it is time to shed some sunlight onto your petals.
Until we meet again, think about what your clothing communicates to the world around you, cocottes. Become conscious of your choices, even when you think you are not even making one!
Turn your blossoms towards the sun. Spring is here. It is time to bloom!

~La Fortuna Bella
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Good morning, my lovelies! And such a morning it is! I have a feeling today is going to be a perfectly wonderful day!
How many times have we all said that? Why would we say such a thing...do we pretend to be psychic? Of course not! But so often we have begun a statement, "I have a feeling...."
We women seem to be the keeper of this secret intuition, after all, it is named for us: "Women's Intuition"! Men have it too, I am certain, but it works much differently than our own.
Ah, if only we had always listened to that whisper in our souls! How much less trouble there would be in all of our lives! But, la, even I have disregarded the little voice of my intuition! I have learned over the years to pay more attention to it, however.
But, I must warn you, my fond little sweetlings, no matter how much you try and train it, your intuition never speaks above the tiniest whisper. It is you who must be trained. It is what it is, you must bend to its will. Fortuna Bella, are you saying we should all go about all day everyday listening for a voice so quiet we may not even hear it?
No, no, not like that. Perhaps only for the first few days, until you learn you inner voice's dialect, until you would recognize it anywhere like you recognize the voice of your lover.
Then, you must only leave yourself aware to its presence and allow it to speak. Trust me, your intuition wants to be heard, but you must know how to listen and to understand!
Learning to listen to yourself can be very useful in many ways...not only alerting us to a potentially dangerous or upsetting situation, but also giving us a nudge in the right direction in happier matters.
How often, when you are taking a lover, has some clever bit of inspiration struck you? You are the creative sort, this is not rare, my beauties. But when you get a sense of something your lover wants and the little voice quietly cheers with glee...you must realize that you are onto something special. And in the quiet of afterwards, he or she will turn to you with wonder in his or her eyes and ask, "You did you know?"
And to that, my dear cocottes, the only reply is to smile and say, "I just had a feeling."
~La Fortuna Bella
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Did you think I had forgotten you, my little ducklings?
It has been yet another busy week for your Fortuna Bella!
But I have not come to you empty-handed. A courtesan never enters a room empty-handed, no matter if she is carrying anything...or not.

Touch...nothing is more electric, more primal than contact.
You want to ensure your own mechanism of touch is in tip-top condition. Smooth, healthy skin comes from more than good moisturizer (although that is an essential element!). Good health, just like beauty, comes from within. Drink plenty of water. Make sure you get plenty of vitamin E by eating almonds, avacadoes, and having plenty of dairy in your diet (milk and cheese are good for you in healthy proportions!)

In thinking of touch, think beyond soft and silky. Velvet is nice, very nice. But think you your nails, tracing across a lover's flesh. Think of a smart spanking.
Sometimes rough is more titillating than soft. Sometimes cold is more arousing than hot.
Imagine outside of what you'd think of as "comfort" and entertain the ideas of textures and sensations that may be perceived as painful or unpleasant. Don't hurt your partner! But pushing that envelope of touch can be ever-so-entertaining! Especially blindfolded.
How about a ice cube in your mouth, hot and cold at once, nipping and nibbling along the inner thighs, the throat, the earlobes, the inside of the elbows, behind the knees.... Remember there are very many senstive and erogenous areas! Don't be afraid to explore and find your lover's "sweet spots."
The great lover Valentino would kiss women on the palm of the hand rather than the back. Not only is it sensitive and suggestive, but it is an area rarely kissed! Try it! The don't stop there...apply a soft touch of teeth upon the smooth inner wrist.

Touch can be an orchestra of sensation that will leave your lover ablaze with desire for more of you. A good courtesan is like a kitten. She gives everyone pleasure to look upon, she is soft to touch, loving and amenable...but knows that there is often nothing finer than the judicious use of her very sharp claws.
~La Fortuna Bella
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In this lesson, sweetlings, I will attempt to make your mouths water!
Remeber that anywhere and everywhere a lover may put his or her mouth is going to have a flavor. Now there are some that you cannot change, unfortuantely, but you can help it along. But before we get to that I will give you a gentle reminder of our Scent lesson wherein I cautioned you in the use of perfumes about the neck. Perfume was meant to be smelled, not tasted, and it is foul-tasting stuff! Be judicious in your applications, nothing ruins a mood faster than your lover taking a nip at your throat and coming away with a mouthful of bitter perfume clinging to his or her tongue and gagging on it. Keep perfume high behind the ears where it is difficlt for the mouth to reach. If you would like to have scent near your neck, dab some on your collarbones. That way you will still have scent near your lovers face as they embrace you, but not where you are likely to be tasted.
You may want to experiemnt with powders or lotions are that flavored as well as scented. But be warned, they can be sticky and always are some sort of fruit-flavored. Now, I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I do not find the taste or scent of artificial strawberry particularly erotic. Pleasant, yes. But arousing? Certainly not. My advice is honey powder. Quite readily available at Sephora as well as other brands such as Kama Sutra, and others.
From expereince, I have never taken a lover that did not just adore the warm scent and pleasant sweet surprise taste of a dab of honey along my neck, breasts, and inner thighs. I have faily delicate skin and I have never had a single problem with rashing or chafing, so I feel confident in recommending this to any of you. I have used both the Urban Decay (featured at Sephora) and the Kama Sutra. Urban Decay is more sugary, but the Kama Sutra has more honey flavor to it.

Now, ducklings, let me speak on a matter of taste I know will have you blushing, your own honey...Collapse )
Taste is the most subtle and personal of all of the Senses Lessons, but it is so very important.
No woman who truly cares about what she tastes like will ever become just the "flavor of the month"!

~La Fortuna Bella
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248. To the Virgins, to make much of Time

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
The higher he's a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he's to setting.

That age is best which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time,
And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may for ever tarry.

Robert Herrick
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