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The · Courtesan's · Corner

Senses Lesson #2 ~ Scent

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Oh, my sweet cocottes, this has to be one of my very favorite subjects! It was instilled in me as a young girl that a lady always wears some sort of scent. My grandmother was deliciously old fashioned about these sorts of things.

Scent, is one of the most visceral of the senses...it has been well-documented to have a direct link to the memory centers of the brain. Therefore, not only will a scent add a little something extra to your presence, but it will also create a very special memory connection.

First off, chose a scent that suits you. Not only your personality and tastes, but your sense of smell. I love the scent ofChloe, one of Lagerfeld's creations, but it makes me sneeze! Even if it was the finest perfume ever created, I just cannot wear it.
I began my perfume collection with some old favorites: Chanel #5 (which doesn't suit me terribly but will always do in a pinch)and White Shoulders (VERY old-fashioned, but a sweet and inviting floral that is fun for everyday wear...can also be layered with scented powder and lotion!).
More recently I have expanded into J'Adore which is amazing and some of the Victoria's Secret line (my current favorite being Love Spell) as well as some basic essential oils of rose, jasmine, lavender, and for some liveliness, almond (very alluring and different!).
Don't be swayed by advertising, price, or availability. By and large, cheap perfumes sold in drug stores will be more flat in aroma with a tendency to come on strong and fade quickly (this is due to the artificial ingredients and synthesized scents), but you may find something fun. Example, the Calgon Body Spray "Hawaiian Ginger" makes a great after-work out spritz in case you need to stop by the grocery on the way home or get onto the train or bus. It is very warm and soothing and has an overall pleasing fragrance that really lasts without being overwhelming.

Now, the first urge is to really douse oneself in fragrance...and I cannot stress how unappealing it is to have to share a personal space with a woman (or a man for that matter!) who has marinated in their perfume. Nearly asphyxiated in an elevator on account of that, once.
If you have access to a scented body wash or shampoo made with your frangrance, go ahead an use it. This may be elementary, but if you use...for example your Love Spell soap and shampoo, do not go and put on your J'Adore. Your choice of scents should be make before you shower and dress for the day.
With your first layer of scent laid, you may want to add on a lotion, make sure this again matches your original perfume! If using a basic scent like rose or sandalwood or such, you may add other basic scents to harmonize and layer. I find that a jasmine soap or lotion with a rose oil makes a nice olfactory image!
Now, for everyday wear, a scented lotion will suffice. Especially if it is one of the Victoria's Secret lines. They really last! But for special occasions or if you just want to feel a little extra indulgent, you may add a traditional perfume. But use this SPARINGLY! I usually spray a pinch behind my ears and on each wrist, then one generous spray on my body. Learn to use your particular sprayer...you can control the pressure on the button and how much is sprayed each time. If you cannot or if the sprayer becomes damaged, invest in a nice atomizer. You can get one fairly inexpensively at a store like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Ross here in the US. (A nice one will run you about $20, but they are reusable, however I don't recommend changing scents in them.)
If your scent is very strong, you may want to spray your fingers and dab your ears and spray on one wrist and rub the other over it.
IT IS OKAY IF YOU DON'T SMELL YOUR OWN PERFUME. Your nose will get used to it and "forget" you have it on. But other people will notice, trust me! You want your scent to be something like a treat or a reward someone gets for coming near to you.
If you are intending on entertaining a lover, forgo the spraying around your neck and ears, perfume was meant to be smelled, not tasted. An essential oil is the exception, but use it sparingly and keep it right along the edge of your ear. Also, if intending on entertaining, a spritz at the cleavage of the breasts and legs will definitely be a charming surprise!

With these simple hints, you should be seducing lovers with an entracing scent, not scaring folks away with your cloying perfume.
Your golden rule on this is akin to the make-up, less is more. You may want to invest in a purse-sized perfume for refreshing your fragrance after long periods of time. For example, a tryst after work might demand a freshening of your perfume, and perhaps adding it to your ankles, backs of your knees, and /or inner thighs. You will learn how much scent your lover likes and become a mistress of using perfume properly.
Just think of all the wonderful memories will suffuse your lover each time he or she gets a hint of that entrancing scent of yours!

~La Fortuna Bella
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