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The Courtesan's Corner

~*~ Le Beau Monde~*~

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Hello, my cocottes....
Welcome to Le Beau Monde, The Beautiful World....

Here in these pages, I will whisper to you my intimate secrets of pleasure, of flirtation, of joy, of love...secrets of a lush world of sensuality, flirtation, and the art of being a beautiful woman.
Oh, I don't care what you look like, darling, that doesn't matter. You are beautiful, but you may not realize it yet. In you is a vixen and an angel, a goddess and a temptress, the essense of all that is feminine.
You are beautiful, yes, you are.

Come, take a walk with me down the primrose path. Let your eyes linger, your pulse quicken, your imagination wander....
Do I inspire questions you dare not post to the comments? You have my permission, my sweet, to email me at the address above and I will answer you in the next post with complete anonymity. Be sure to write "A QUESTION FOR FORTUNA BELLA" in the subject line. I will do my best to answer all queries related to the arts of beauty, seduction, flirtation, and femininity. I cannot address any questions that concern medical or psychological issues, or any other problems that are best taken to a professional. I do not intend to diagnose or treat any illnesses: physical, psychological, or emotional.

Take my words to your heart...and if luck is with you, to your bed.
But remember, a beautiful woman makes her own luck. A beautiful woman makes Fate eat out of her hand and bends Chance to her whim.
You are a beautiful woman.

Welcome to Le Beau Monde.